Mr.Nutcase Phone Case Review – Ultra Lightweight Slimline*

So I noticed that Mr.Nutcase were looking for bloggers to review their phone cases and I had to step up because 1.I love reviews & 2. I love my phone so it seemed like a good idea, after emailing I received a friendly reply with a code for me to create my own personal phone case to review for all my lovely followers! The website is easy to use and colourful with a nice little squirrel adorning the front page, you can choose various phone case types to tailor to your taste and an array of different layouts for the chosen picture(s) you want to put on the case.

So this was mine!


On my case I decided to have some snapshots of my partner, parents and nieces & nephews – I have a large family so I had to narrow it down but I really loved the quality of the case, it’s sturdy and protective and the colour and quality of it is impeccable.

Check out the website now! – OR their twitter! –

A big thank you to Mr.Nutcase for a wonderful experience and lovely product!


30 Day Photo Challenge – DAY 8 A GAME

A heads up this is a pretty lengthy post! 🙂

So day 8 was yesterday and I am posting two hours late if you’re following my blog in Britain or if you’re following my blog in America and other countries then I am still on time with my posting! (hehe) but nevertheless sorry for not posting sooner, I was tweaking my blog all night and such.

So day 8 is game! now I LOVE games, emphasis on the love because it’s true I have loved games ever since I was little and right now I am talking about board games and video games. However in this post I will be talking about video games because I have decided my photo for day 8 will be a collection of the video games I currently own! 🙂


There are tons of reasons I have always loved gaming! To start I think it’s a mixture of growing up playing video games with my brother & dad for one which I will always treasure and I think it has also probably influenced my taste in games as well to be quite boyish, not that it’s a bad thing! 🙂

I think what also played a part in my love for gaming and games was being a introvert during the beginning of secondary school (Years 7,8 &9). I didn’t really enjoy going out much because I hadn’t made that many close friends that I felt comfortable enough to go out with and ultimately I just preferred to be indoors and I would end up gaming with friends online because it’s where I felt comfortable & happy. However when I had made a large close group of friends further along in secondary school (Years 10,11,12,13) I did go out now and then but I still spent a large proportion of my time gaming because there was something about video games that made them addicting and for me I love overall enjoyment, the impatience and game rage and the excitement of each game I’d put into my Playstation – but that’s just me 🙂

Anyway there are a hundred reasons I can trifle through as to why I love gaming and games but back to the picture! The picture is of some of me and my partner’s (he loves to game as well – bonus!) Xbox games, we have more but these are the few I decided to take a photo of because they’re mostly my favourites! 🙂

Anyway thank you for reading! 🙂


10 Little Things About Me

Okay so I thought I would do ten little things I may not have mentioned before about me and I hope this helps you to feel like you know me better 🙂 Enjoy!

  1. I used to be Hello Kitty crazy – Quite literally not long ago everything I had was Hello Kitty, some may see it as babyish but quite a few people saw it as cute and I liked it so went with it. Now I am older I sort of fell out of love with the idea of Hello Kitty now I just buy my nieces pieces of clothing and things with it on instead of myself!
  2. I am not a big fan of the sun – This sounds weird, but sometimes I do not like the sun at all and would prefer if it rained or snowed. Although I am partial to some sunbathing when it is sunny outside!
  3. I was to scared to read the Goosebumps books – FACT. The front covers scared me and I never read them at all and probably wont ever.
  4. I am rather tall – Around about 5’8 – 5’9 something which I love and hate at the same time.
  5. I always used swap career aspirations – Until now I have always swapped career aspirations, you name it I wanted to be it once. Nurse, army soldier, firefighter, baker, lawyer, teacher… the list goes on but I think that partly is because when you’re growing up you do not know what you want to be therefore you imagine most jobs in a blissful and spectacular way when in reality there are advantages and disadvantages in every occupation. Now I am set on being a fashion journalist/editor and I am working towards that!
  6. I have a double jointed thumb – It sounds gross when you say it, but if you Google it or whatever all it means is my thumb can move back further than usual, hard to explain I am sure there are some YouTube videos you can watch that would explain it better visually 🙂
  7. I love pets – I used to have to 2 Russian Dwarf hamsters, a goldfish named Jaws that came from the circus and a German Shepard dog 🙂
  8. I used to be a tomboy – I cringe every time I think back to how I dressed and looked.
  9. This time last year I was worrying about… – Getting into University and getting a job!
  10. In A level we studied Frankenstein and Dracula, out of the two Franky was by far the best book and I learnt Dracula was just a book about sexually frustrated people according to my teacher.

Well that’s all hope you enjoyed 🙂


Nail Art Appreciation

Okay so I love nail art! Nothing is better than perfectly cute and pretty nails that stand out and are super colourful! Although I do not really do much nail art on my own nails I really appreciate and love looking online at all the different ideas and designs! I once learnt a really cool way to get marble nail art from a few different YouTube clips so I was thinking I may try and do it again and then write a blog post on the outcome with some pictures of course! 🙂 I wanted to share some of my favourite looking nail art that I found online with you guys as well, some of them make me jealous!

In the future I am thinking of keeping the idea of nail art appreciation for a monthly blog post where I will ask followers to send in some photos of theirs for me to put on the post, So watch this space 🙂 P.s. Also got offered a Social Media and Blogging Internship for a fashion website! eeeep! 🙂




Bleaching gone wrong, Horrible hair and A perfect spring day

Sorry I never got to blog last night, there was just to much chaos! I decided to bleach my ombre tips again but got a little too adventurous and decided to see what I’d look like if I bleached my hair blonde – Bad move. (I’ll post before and after pictures and things below! Have a lovely day!)

So late last night I sat on my bedroom floor mixing my peroxide and bleach powder together, I couldn’t remember the exact measurements so (this is bad!) I guesstimated them…after applying this to the ends of my hair with pleasing results I decided to be spontaneous and then apply it to my whole head which was terrible to say the least.
Despite the itching burning scalp I had, I survived the time span and then went to wash this disaster off – the results were not what I wanted or expected…my roots were platinum blonde following this down, my hair became golden blonde and then ginger and then reddish brown and I was like ‘Oh what have I done, I’m so stupid, I’ll never have beautiful hair again’ that whole fiasco.
So what did I do? I decide to bleach it once more with a little positive spirit in me, but then it comes out pretty much the same and straw like…urgh. So I cried on my bed for ages and then decided that I’d get up really early the next morning (today) to go buy a hair dye to cover it after watching continuous YouTube how to videos.

I wore a hat all the way to town and back to avoid being embarrassed 😦 but when I got in I dyed it immediately, which I know is risky because A. my hair might not take so well and go green or some other random colour as the internet warned me and B. I’m damaging my hair to a crazy point but anything is better than having terrible hair so I brought a dye and took another chance! Final result….My hair is a beautiful natural brown colour and I’m happy with how it looks now 🙂 perfect for Spring! Because my hair was damaged badly I brought an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner sachet (Because I’m a student and can’t afford the actual bottle) which I put on afterwards and now my hair is shiny and restored partly. But I’ve decided now that I’m not going to use bleach anymore, I’m just going to look after my hair as it is 🙂

Well now you’ve heard about that fiasco, If you’re still reading thankyou! Today was a really beautiful sunny warm spring day (Something that isn’t often up north-believe me) and I saw some cute daffodils which are my favourite flower next to roses 😀 So I’m in the spring mind set now 🙂 p.s. I read a uber cute article about an elderly man that has become a fashion icon!

photo (94)  photo (91)  photo (97)     photo (93)  photo (92)  photo (96)