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4 Things I wish I knew before I came to University…

So just a few more weeks and my first year fresher life will be up and I’ll be going on Summer break and coming back a second year student! My life as a fresher has had its good points and its bad points and its damn well ugly points! So I was thinking what things do I wish I had known before I came to University last September? Well…

  1. Loans and Overdrafts run out VERY quick, It’s all cool when you look into your bank balance and you see a shining beautiful sum of cash within the thousands, but believe me that runs out faster than you can blink. I discussed this a lot of the time with my friends about where our money goes when we have nothing and everyone says roughly the same thing ‘I don’t even know what it got spent on?!?!’ Many times have I withdrawn £20 and the next day it’s all gone and all I have to show for it is a packet of crisps and a basic shop? I’m not sure if there is a magical Uni overdraft stealing fairy but I wish I listened to people who warned me before I came that money goes so quickly.
  2. Pre-meeting your flatmates helps A LOT! I only met one flat mate before I moved in and we met over Facebook, but now looking back to it everyone had already met everyone by the time they got to Uni so I felt like that’s probably something I should have thought about before hand.
  3. I will be kissing goodbye the luxuries I enjoyed everyday. Now looking back I wish I didn’t take things like sweets, magazines and such for granted because now I rarely get a chance to get them because I’m so broke.
  4. Bring extra cutlery. It’s not cool when you have someone over for dinner and you only have one set of cutlery and one plate…Awkward. Plus a lot of the time people either take/steal or ‘borrow’ your kitchen ware which can get annoying as most of it never actually returns! When I first came to University we only packed like one plate, few bowls and cups and couple knives and forks but by the end of my second semester I had like one plate left in my possession. BUY EXTRA!

Well that’s a little bit more about Uni for you 🙂



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Some Statistics About Me…

I want to be a fashion journalist. If you didn’t know that you do now 🙂 My aim is to be a successful blogger and fashion journalist in the future for a big time glossy magazine, I’m not materialistic at all…far from it! My previous desired occupation was a nurse, I know what you’re thinking a bit of a crazy jump from one to the other? Well turns out my love for fashion and magazines has been combined by my newly discovered talent of being able to write good articles and it’s something I enjoy so there you have it 🙂

So I thought I’d tell you some little snippets about me:

  1. How many internships have I applied for since the start of this year? – 10 so far.
  2. How many published articles have I written since the start of University? – Around 15.
  3. Favourite thing to write an article about? – Fashion or the news
  4. Writers block? – Yes! everyone does now and then.
  5. Favourite colour? – Green or Red.
  6. Favourite season? – Autumn or Winter.
  7. Favourite animal? – Shark 🙂
  8. Hobbies? – Reading, writing, being an activist, helping the less fortunate and blogging.
  9. Do I like University? – Yes, although it has it’s disadvantages.
  10. Favourite holiday destination? – Ibiza or Cornwall.
  11. Favourite coffee shop? – Starbucks!
  12. Current favourite book? – Paper Towns by John Green.
  13. Favourite weather? – Sun but not if it’s too hot!
  14. Blackberry, Iphone, Samsung, HTC? – Iphone
  15. Something I want to do by end of this year? – Go on holiday, Swim with sharks or pass my driving test.
  16. Favourite magazines? – Glamour, Company, Heat, Vogue, Cosmopolitan.
  17. Favourite newspaper? – The I
  18. Something I hate? – Liars.
  19. Bad habit? – Eating sweets and take away.
  20. One place I want to visit badly – New York.

Family Visit #2, Scorpion candy and a lot of walking!

So again I didn’t sleep very well last night and I had an early morning start as my parents were visiting which meant I was completely shattered and in zombie mode, but despite this I was extra excited to see my parents because I haven’t seen them in a few months since I got back to Uni. This was the best visit ever as I’ve really felt a bit exhausted lately and this was the pick me up that I needed- so smiles all round! 🙂

We spent the day venturing through Leeds, we started out by having breakfast in Becketts Bank (Wetherspoons) and all ordered the standard traditional fry up! It was pretty tasty, so with my tummy filled we went to the new Trinity shopping centre (a second day trip here in a row for me) and I showed them all the new and vibrant shops that were attracting Leeds residents by the dozens! Despite the odd scramble for the escalators it seemed to be busy but alright. My parents haven’t really ever had the chance to roam around Leeds so I took this opportunity to show them all around, the walking has literally killed my feet but it was worth it! One place we went to was the Corn Exchange and I got to show them the restaurant I used to work at previously, then we made our way towards the market gazing into all the different shop windows as well strolled. The weather was not as bad as yesterday still horribly cold but least there was sunshine so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

One interesting shop we came across that I only discovered today as well was ‘Culture Vulture’ a cute little shop that sells all unique and creative clothing, things like Adventure Time jumpers and Moomin teddies, retro bags, arcade game belt buckles and hand made unique jewelry, in one of the pictures below you’ll see a really adorable looking tote bag I saw in there that says ‘Pugs not Drugs’ with a little pug on it! So productively moving on with our day we went to another american sweet shop but this one had real dead scorpions in lolly pops (Slightly cruel?) But I think I know what I’m going back to buy tomorrow…(Just so everyone knows, you don’t eat the scorpion inside! haha)

I got a really cute Hello Kitty onesie today as well, my room always being similar to the Arctic is no natural habitat for me so I got a snuggly onesie so I don’t catch a cold! But we ended the day with a nice dinner out where I got a really nice cheesy lasagna (a personal favourite) but I got more of the plate than I did actual food because the portion size was something resembling a child’s school dinner! So my parents being lovely let me order a excellent Belgium waffle with ice cream and a tangy fruit compote- so I was over the moon as I love food!
So all in all it was a really lovely day 🙂

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