5 random things I love!

We all love something right? Pets, food, gaming I could go on…But I thought I would share with my followers 5 things that I really love! ūüôā

  • Food – I love food, Although I am fussy about what I eat sometimes I do appreciate food. I love cakes and good traditional hearty main meals like¬†Lasagna¬†and Macaroni Cheese!
  • Romantic Gestures – I love it when my¬†partner¬†does little romantic things, I am a big lover of¬†bouquets¬†of flowers, hand made gifts, brought gifts or planned romantic days out to a restaurant or cinema and¬†snugly¬†nights in with a take away and bunch of movies ūüôā
  • Holidays – I love the anticipation and atmosphere¬†of knowing I am going on holiday, I love being able to buy summer clothing and beach¬†accessories before I leave, I love the journey there either via plane or car and I love the¬†relaxation and break from reality that it brings with it!
  • Buying some new clothes – I love it when I buy new clothes because I feel so refreshed and new. I love getting to wear an item I brought for the first time and feel good about it as well.
  • When I get new followers – I love getting new followers on my blog, it makes me super happy to see people are enjoying what I write and liking the different aspects of my blog such as the university posts, the fashion posts and the beauty posts. I also love seeing that I have followers from many different countries because it’s rather exciting ūüôā

So that’s five random things that I love ūüôā Hope you all enjoyed!