day to day

Family visit, cold harsh weather and a new shopping centre!

So today was a pretty good day, I mean I hardly got any sleep last night but I ended up napping for the most of lunchtime so I got to catch up on some much needed sleep.

My partner’s dad, sister and cousin came to visit us and we ended up going to look around Leeds and the new Trinity shopping centre which by the way is pretty cool. All day has been so icy cold, these Northern winds really make me feel like I’m just walking around in a t-shirt and shorts, even though I’m wearing about 5 layers 😦

Trinity Leeds shopping centre has lots of stores that were already previously in Leeds anyway but now they’re just bigger and better I guess and all in one place which is convenient for the everyday shopper! Footlocker was giving out free vouchers that needed to get scanned and you got the chance to win a free pair of trainers, if you didn’t win your voucher just said you got either £5, £10 or £20 pounds off anything in store with meant there was endless ques of sqwarking people but I managed to grab a ticket and get it scanned, sadly I got £20 off which is good but I don’t have the funds for trainers at the moment being a student- so that sucks!

Anyway we ended up having a nice meal in Nando’s but the wait for a table was excruciating as I hate waiting for food and service! But overall it was a good day & tomorrow my parents are coming to visit for Easter so I’m quite excited! 🙂