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Soap & Glory Super Sit Tight Intense XS Body Firming Serum Review

Before I went on holiday I thought I would give the Soap & Glory Super Sit Tight Intense XS Special Super Strength Body Firming Serum because I had read a lot of reviews in magazines and online about how excellent it was and I thought I would give it a shot!

I do like Soap & Glory products although I do not buy them a lot I have tried quite a few things in their range and after reading that this body firming serum works I thought it was a good option for a quick go to before I went abroad! Well firstly the price is a little pricey (roughly £16.50 which was hard to part with!) in my opinion but I would say it was worth it overall, the bottle has roller balls on the top so you can roll it over your body and the serum glides on perfectly smooth & wonderful (Sometimes it’s a bit cold!) but the real crazy amazing thing is this serum HEATS UP! after you’ve put it on which is both tingly and strange haha!

Overall I believe the serum did make a difference in my opinion to my body,legs,thighs and butt – but everybody is different so I’d recommend giving it a go anyway! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you’ve tried it/going to try it by commenting or tweeting me 🙂






No7 Intense Volume Mascara short review!

So I decided I wanted to do a quick short review of one of my favourite mascara’s and show you why I love it so much! No7 Intense Volume Mascara has many benefits but one of the main reasons I love it so much is because of the impact it gives my lashes!

I personally have quite small lashes much to my hate! Like most girls and women I dream of having long beautiful lashes so this mascara helped me achieve the result I was after. The mascara brush is a nice enough size to handle and makes application easy plus the darkest black shade makes my eyelashes really stand out.

I have attached some pictures below for you to see before and after with mascara and without. Hope you liked the mini review! 🙂


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