Bleaching gone wrong, Horrible hair and A perfect spring day

Sorry I never got to blog last night, there was just to much chaos! I decided to bleach my ombre tips again but got a little too adventurous and decided to see what I’d look like if I bleached my hair blonde – Bad move. (I’ll post before and after pictures and things below! Have a lovely day!)

So late last night I sat on my bedroom floor mixing my peroxide and bleach powder together, I couldn’t remember the exact measurements so (this is bad!) I guesstimated them…after applying this to the ends of my hair with pleasing results I decided to be spontaneous and then apply it to my whole head which was terrible to say the least.
Despite the itching burning scalp I had, I survived the time span and then went to wash this disaster off – the results were not what I wanted or expected…my roots were platinum blonde following this down, my hair became golden blonde and then ginger and then reddish brown and I was like ‘Oh what have I done, I’m so stupid, I’ll never have beautiful hair again’ that whole fiasco.
So what did I do? I decide to bleach it once more with a little positive spirit in me, but then it comes out pretty much the same and straw like…urgh. So I cried on my bed for ages and then decided that I’d get up really early the next morning (today) to go buy a hair dye to cover it after watching continuous YouTube how to videos.

I wore a hat all the way to town and back to avoid being embarrassed 😦 but when I got in I dyed it immediately, which I know is risky because A. my hair might not take so well and go green or some other random colour as the internet warned me and B. I’m damaging my hair to a crazy point but anything is better than having terrible hair so I brought a dye and took another chance! Final result….My hair is a beautiful natural brown colour and I’m happy with how it looks now 🙂 perfect for Spring! Because my hair was damaged badly I brought an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner sachet (Because I’m a student and can’t afford the actual bottle) which I put on afterwards and now my hair is shiny and restored partly. But I’ve decided now that I’m not going to use bleach anymore, I’m just going to look after my hair as it is 🙂

Well now you’ve heard about that fiasco, If you’re still reading thankyou! Today was a really beautiful sunny warm spring day (Something that isn’t often up north-believe me) and I saw some cute daffodils which are my favourite flower next to roses 😀 So I’m in the spring mind set now 🙂 p.s. I read a uber cute article about an elderly man that has become a fashion icon!

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