Nearly blonde! A cautionary tale of attempting to go blonde…

For a long time I had been trying to decide whether I wanted to be blonde or have pastel pink hair or do all sorts of jazzy stuff with my locks, it is a fact that I can’t leave my hair alone for a long period of time cause I just get bored!

(Warning – It’s rather a long post but it does have some cute gifs!)


So from the top lets begin! I have brown hair (there are probably a billion shades of brown hair and I could try and find my shade but it’ll take to long so let’s just go with brown for now) and I decided on a whim that I wanted my hair to be lighter for summer and I was thinking of pastel pink or maybe trying blonde out. I had spent days and days online reading reviews of bleaching kits, highlighting kits, dyes, toners, you name it I read a post on it! But I finally decided to go to blonde or at least try, so I went and brought the much raved about BLEACH London total bleaching kit and I brought two because apparently the mixture in one box was a small proportion and wouldn’t cover all my hair as other bloggers had stated in the reviews I read so I followed the advice that I’d most likely need two boxes. I had to then make the choice of what shade of blonde I wanted to be and I eventually decided I wanted to be a golden blonde or a little darker than platinum so I also brought the Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne blonde toner as well!


So onto the main event! I bleached my hair which is one of the most hardest tasks ever even with an extra pair of hands, luckily my partner was on hand to help me out but nevertheless it was a hard task. After bleaching my hair my head was stinging and I had a while to kill while the bleach was doing its thing, after I washed it out I saw that it was gingery blonde so I put in the toner following the instructions and waited for that to do its business too.

Washing out the toner I was super excited to see my lovely blonde hair BUT to my horror it was blonde on top and gingery blonde towards the bottom, it wasn’t a big deal that it was two shades but it was mighty obvious when I stepped outside in the light and it looked ghastly! (It was like platinum white, sunshine yellow + tangerine orange with a bit of browny blonde thrown it – what a lovely mixture right?)


In the end I was thinking of buying more toner to make it one shade but this was becoming a very expensive endeavour and I had been missing my brown hair a lot so I decided to dye my hair brown once again and luckily I had a ‘golden brown’ hair dye at hand at home and chucked that on today and it came out a nice light browny colour which is great! But it has made me realise not to attempt this again and if I do then do it professionally at least, but for those of you wondering about the condition of my hair it is perfectly conditioned and healthy still! 🙂

As for the products I used I’ll add a mini bit in about them as I did want this to be a normal post not a review but the BLEACH London total bleaching kit seems to be over hyped in my opinion, it’s just like any other bleach in the sense that it does smell, it does sting and it does dry out your hair despite the reviews I read where others said it didn’t the only positive really is that it is a little cheaper and the box is quite snazzy however I also got within my BLEACH London kit a conditioning reincarnation hair mask tube which you can buy separate anyway and this is wonderful for your hair if you’ve dyed it – definitely worth purchasing!

On the other hand the Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne toner did its job to an extent, it did remove brassy tones and gingery yellow bits but not all of it as well as this it is a very darkish blonde so if you’re looking for a light blonde or platinum I wouldn’t recommend this one specifically.

Well anyway that is that and I hope you enjoyed reading this little tale and had a good laugh or it helped you in anyway! 🙂



Bleaching gone wrong, Horrible hair and A perfect spring day

Sorry I never got to blog last night, there was just to much chaos! I decided to bleach my ombre tips again but got a little too adventurous and decided to see what I’d look like if I bleached my hair blonde – Bad move. (I’ll post before and after pictures and things below! Have a lovely day!)

So late last night I sat on my bedroom floor mixing my peroxide and bleach powder together, I couldn’t remember the exact measurements so (this is bad!) I guesstimated them…after applying this to the ends of my hair with pleasing results I decided to be spontaneous and then apply it to my whole head which was terrible to say the least.
Despite the itching burning scalp I had, I survived the time span and then went to wash this disaster off – the results were not what I wanted or expected…my roots were platinum blonde following this down, my hair became golden blonde and then ginger and then reddish brown and I was like ‘Oh what have I done, I’m so stupid, I’ll never have beautiful hair again’ that whole fiasco.
So what did I do? I decide to bleach it once more with a little positive spirit in me, but then it comes out pretty much the same and straw like…urgh. So I cried on my bed for ages and then decided that I’d get up really early the next morning (today) to go buy a hair dye to cover it after watching continuous YouTube how to videos.

I wore a hat all the way to town and back to avoid being embarrassed 😦 but when I got in I dyed it immediately, which I know is risky because A. my hair might not take so well and go green or some other random colour as the internet warned me and B. I’m damaging my hair to a crazy point but anything is better than having terrible hair so I brought a dye and took another chance! Final result….My hair is a beautiful natural brown colour and I’m happy with how it looks now 🙂 perfect for Spring! Because my hair was damaged badly I brought an Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner sachet (Because I’m a student and can’t afford the actual bottle) which I put on afterwards and now my hair is shiny and restored partly. But I’ve decided now that I’m not going to use bleach anymore, I’m just going to look after my hair as it is 🙂

Well now you’ve heard about that fiasco, If you’re still reading thankyou! Today was a really beautiful sunny warm spring day (Something that isn’t often up north-believe me) and I saw some cute daffodils which are my favourite flower next to roses 😀 So I’m in the spring mind set now 🙂 p.s. I read a uber cute article about an elderly man that has become a fashion icon!

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