April Fool Day

April fools day, Fashion Internships and Cute nails

I’m deleting my blog – APRILS FOOLS! That was terrible i’ll admit, but it was the first prank I’ve pulled all day despite it being April fools day because I simply haven’t thought of a good enough prank to do and a lack of people around means there’s no one to pull pranks on 😦

So I’m blogging relatively late today and that’s because I have been searching around the internet for information on how to be a successful fashion blogger and looking endlessly at  internships and work experience which is fun but stressful. What I realised was one of the most hardest things that everyone gets nervous about and cannot ever avoid in life is selling yourself to a potential employer or client, telling them why you’re so much better than a million other hopefuls – this task is daunting for even the most experienced person I bet!

Other than that I didn’t do much today, my ankle still really hurts so I stayed in and put off getting my eyebrows done (Again! I know terrible) but hopefully I’ll go tomorrow, but I’m feeling bit better about myself lately and I’m hopefully going to bleach the ends of my hair again later or tomorrow because the ombre blonde tips are fading out 😦 However I painted my nails the other day after not having painted them in over 2 months roughly (sadly never had time), so I used Sally Hansens hard as nails pink nail varnish called Dahlia which makes me feel like spring is finally here and I’ve got to admit it’s a definite favourite of mine now as my nails look cute!

I’m super glad it’s a new month, going home for Summer is getting closer and closer and I can’t wait! Although before I go home for Summer there are some things that I need to do before hand which I’m not exactly looking forward to much, I take weekly Japanese language classes and next week I’m due to present to the class a presentation on an aspect of Japanese culture I like, this would be alright but I’m not really a fan of doing presentations to a class full of random students I don’t know all on my own – So I’m dreading that 😦 Adding to that discomfort I have a Hospital Appointment next weekend which I’m not looking forward to either – urgh. On the positive side I’m really loving getting to blog everyday and want to thank my followers for all the likes and support!

Well that’s it for now, hope you’ve all had a good April Fools Day! 🙂