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My top 5 favourite Tv shows!

Everybody loves watching TV right? Or maybe you don’t…Anyway I love watching certain soaps,drama’s and TV series and I thought I would share my favourite ones with you guys!

Okay so here’s my top 5 favourite list:

  1. Hollyoaks – British soap that usually is on either Channel 4 or 4+ but I tend to watch it on 4od which is catch up only because at my halls there is no TV so I have to watch things on catch up 😦 The cast are all mostly crazy or weird but that’s what makes it interesting to watch, there’s also a high frequent amount of deaths and murders, cheating and general craziness in the show.
  2. Eastenders – Another British soap based on a square in London, long story short no one lives a happy normal life in Eastenders and there is ALWAYS some sort of crazy out of the blue drama but that’s why I watch it 🙂
  3. Ugly Betty – I love this! Even when the season 4 ended I still went back to season 1 to watch it all over again and I probably will purchase the box set soon as well. I’m sad that there’s no season 5 because I got really into but it’s still an all time favourite anyway! I think this was a big hit with many because most people sympathized with Betty and loved to see her battle her way through the fashion industry with her crazy dress sense and colleagues.
  4. Suburgatory – This is a relatively recent one that I started watching just before I came to university and I still love it now. It’s about a girl who moves from Manhattan wit her dad to a suburban town called Chatswin. I love the craziness of the town and all the characters as well, definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it!
  5. Family Guy/American Dad/Simpsons – Okay so I cheated a little and put these three into one category, but there sort of the same thing anyway so I thought you wouldn’t mind! I love these because I love animated comedies, I also like most of the humor in them as well, I love the special episodes the Simpsons do on occasions such as Halloween and I love American Dad and Family Guy bevause of the characters as well. So these definitely make it on the list.

So now you know my fav TV shows you’ll know what I’m gonna be watching later haha 🙂

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