30 Day Photo Challenge – DAY 3 TECHNOLOGY

Hey everyone!

I just want to firstly say a massive thank you to the recent new followers, the followers who have been there from the beginning and the ones who joined along the way! Your support for my growing blog has been immense and I am so grateful there are people who appreciate what I write & enjoy looking at my blog 🙂

I have received many comments over the past few days and they have all been so lovely! So thank you and please keep it up because I love to hear what you all think and if you’re enjoying it 🙂

Anyway moving on! Yesterday was day 3 of the photo challenge, I didn’t get to upload this yesterday because for some reason my WordPress wouldn’t load! But success because today it did and I am here writing this post! 🙂 So choosing something that represents technology was tough because I didn’t want to go for the cliche things but after much deliberation I decided that the best photo is my iPhone background.

My iPhone is something I use everyday, I think to me it represents that technology has come so far considering the past that now everyone can have a piece of a growing industry themselves, not only this but I think it represents the amount of people that are technologically advanced nowadays and the growth in consumerism.

Well hope you enjoyed my 3rd photo, day 4 will be up tonight and it’s a pet/animal!



  1. Yessss 😀 this project does sound exciting also makes you think!
    Is it your original idea btw?! Hmmm, over 6500 msg-es? I would go crazy, Girl :-)))

  2. 😀 that’s why I wanted to do it, it’s not my original idea as there are tons people have made before but the questions on my blog and the 30 day challenge on my blog is my own! 🙂 and haha! 🙂

  3. 😀 Okay here is the thing: I always shoot left & right, whatever I like. And it can be anything or a detail etc, mostly the Nature. Frankly, I like this idea so much that after it is done I am thinking of making a habit out of it?! lol true haha


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