Best Foundation & Mascara I Have Ever Brought Review!

Okay so for a long time I stopped wearing foundation simply because I just couldn’t put up with trying to constantly find a shade that matched my skin tone, I am very pale and searching for the perfect foundation for me is a pain! If I buy the wrong one I can end up looking orange and I myself prefer the natural look  and I go for liquid foundation because I find it more better personally for me, so I have always searched for a foundation that ticks all my boxes:

  • Natural looking coverage
  • Covers spots efficiently
  • Covers dark under eye circles
  • Not too thick
  • Closest shade to my skin tone
  • Not to expensive

So like many girls I find looking for foundation tiresome and something which I gave up on a few months back, I have only really been using cover sticks and light powder. But the other day I was in Boots and I decided to give this new foundation I saw a go, It’s called On The Spot Foundation by Seventeen and it apparently gives you clearer skin in 4 weeks!

Now sometimes when I get very under the weather or stressed like many I tend to get spots and I hate them, but this foundation apparently gives clearer skin in 4 weeks which was a definite selling point for me. Not to mention they did a very light fair pale colour which when I tested it, it matched my skin tone perfectly! –  SUCCESS. It wasn’t thick and when I applied it, it rubbed in perfectly and gave me and all round clear and fresh complexion plus it was cheap in regards of pricing at only £5.

Also I managed to find probably the most effective mascara I have used in a long time! It is called Scandal Eyes By Rimmel and I love it. The brush is big and thick but not too large that it makes application hard. You don’t even need to use more than one mascara when using this as it gives lashes a big impact look and my eyelashes look super long (Mine are naturally tiny) so this is a recommended buy!



  1. I was interested in using something similar but definitely don’t want my skin to get used to salicylic acid D: Why is so difficult to find foundation that matches?! I’ve probably only found one that matches 100% but it’s not full coverage ahhhh!!!

    I’ve got to get my hands on that mascara! Does it help keep lashes curled?

  2. That’s alright Elegant Rebel Beauty give it a go! 🙂 + Crissy, I know I was the same but this doesn’t dry out your face like normal salicylic acid products? that’s why I got it 🙂 & Yes if you curl lashes before hand it should keep them curled, I love this mascara! 🙂 x

  3. For pale foundations, try some of the Max factor ones, the lightest shade isn’t too bad. PS beauty website helps with choosing the right foundation shade; their foundation finder is actually pretty accurate. I quite like to browse the site for recommendations for foundations because it tells you what shade you should use as well..


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