Getting Involved In The $15 billion Pledge To End Polio

Okay so this is totally irrelevant to fashion but I thought I would share with you something I got involved in a while back. So a while back I saw an interesting story about a campaign to end polio around the world, for anyone who doesn’t know polio a very infectious virus which can cause paralysis in many people especially children. From 1988 there has been no recorded deaths or paralysis as a result of polio in the United Kingdom and much of the rest of the world can vouch for the same, however the reason the campaign is still ongoing is that some countries (around about 3 I think) are still regarded as high condition zones for polio and many lives are ruined and lost each year, mostly children as they are the most easily affected.

So when I did some research I found out that I could participate to help, now being a student I have hardly any money to donate so I looked for the next best big thing there was that I could do and this happened to be ‘The Worlds Biggest Commercial’ and simply all you have to do is add a photo of yourself to the ever growing gallery online and you’ll be added to the worlds biggest commercial. The great thing about this is every photo goes towards supporting and saving children from polio and even celebrities have got involved. Once you’ve added your image you will be added to the commercial and given your allocated time of appearance so you can see for yourself.

I thought this was a great way of helping and just thought I would share my experience with you guys 🙂 If you want to help or do the same just type in Google the worlds biggest commercial and it will come up! (everyone has to make the same sign with there hands).

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