Month: March 2013

Easter Sunday, Goodbyes and a £10 lottery win

So it is Easter Sunday today and to be honest it’s been a partly sad but relaxing day, I said goodbye to my parents as they headed home towards London while I stay here in Leeds which was pretty emotional especially as this is my first Easter away from home.

A little explanation- the reason I didn’t go home for Easter was because I actually managed to get a job interview (I got the job!) which happened to be in the Easter break plus I had a hectic amount of work to do for when I go back for my final semester of first year. While everyone else was leaving my halls with suitcases packed and getting in cars and on every train,bus or coach I was stuck up in the chilly North with snow. Luckily my partner had to stay as well for his job so at least I wasn’t completely alone, if he wasn’t here either I think I would’ve ran all the way home by now out of loneliness. So this morning my parents left after a really nice weekend showing them around Leeds, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to be honest it was lovely seeing them. So this Easter has been nice and lucky me I also won £10 on a lottery ticket – the most I’ve ever won! So I’m going to treat myself to an eyebrow threading appointment, usually I always keep on top of my eyebrows making sure they’re kept tidy but lately being a student without tweezers or money for threading has had bad results on my eyebrows – to which my dad made some pretty funny jokes about over the weekend!

I also think I have sprained my ankle as it kills! 😦 So I’m kind of just hobbling around as well, but I brought some cucumber and used it on my eyes and had a long nap (5 whole hours!) because I really needed some sleep and to rest my ankle. But that’s been my Easter so far, a mixture of good and bad but still great… just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! 😀 (Below is the cutest picture ever that I found on Google)

Family Visit #2, Scorpion candy and a lot of walking!

So again I didn’t sleep very well last night and I had an early morning start as my parents were visiting which meant I was completely shattered and in zombie mode, but despite this I was extra excited to see my parents because I haven’t seen them in a few months since I got back to Uni. This was the best visit ever as I’ve really felt a bit exhausted lately and this was the pick me up that I needed- so smiles all round! 🙂

We spent the day venturing through Leeds, we started out by having breakfast in Becketts Bank (Wetherspoons) and all ordered the standard traditional fry up! It was pretty tasty, so with my tummy filled we went to the new Trinity shopping centre (a second day trip here in a row for me) and I showed them all the new and vibrant shops that were attracting Leeds residents by the dozens! Despite the odd scramble for the escalators it seemed to be busy but alright. My parents haven’t really ever had the chance to roam around Leeds so I took this opportunity to show them all around, the walking has literally killed my feet but it was worth it! One place we went to was the Corn Exchange and I got to show them the restaurant I used to work at previously, then we made our way towards the market gazing into all the different shop windows as well strolled. The weather was not as bad as yesterday still horribly cold but least there was sunshine so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

One interesting shop we came across that I only discovered today as well was ‘Culture Vulture’ a cute little shop that sells all unique and creative clothing, things like Adventure Time jumpers and Moomin teddies, retro bags, arcade game belt buckles and hand made unique jewelry, in one of the pictures below you’ll see a really adorable looking tote bag I saw in there that says ‘Pugs not Drugs’ with a little pug on it! So productively moving on with our day we went to another american sweet shop but this one had real dead scorpions in lolly pops (Slightly cruel?) But I think I know what I’m going back to buy tomorrow…(Just so everyone knows, you don’t eat the scorpion inside! haha)

I got a really cute Hello Kitty onesie today as well, my room always being similar to the Arctic is no natural habitat for me so I got a snuggly onesie so I don’t catch a cold! But we ended the day with a nice dinner out where I got a really nice cheesy lasagna (a personal favourite) but I got more of the plate than I did actual food because the portion size was something resembling a child’s school dinner! So my parents being lovely let me order a excellent Belgium waffle with ice cream and a tangy fruit compote- so I was over the moon as I love food!
So all in all it was a really lovely day 🙂

photo (85) photo (84) photo (82)

photo (83) photo (86)

Family visit, cold harsh weather and a new shopping centre!

So today was a pretty good day, I mean I hardly got any sleep last night but I ended up napping for the most of lunchtime so I got to catch up on some much needed sleep.

My partner’s dad, sister and cousin came to visit us and we ended up going to look around Leeds and the new Trinity shopping centre which by the way is pretty cool. All day has been so icy cold, these Northern winds really make me feel like I’m just walking around in a t-shirt and shorts, even though I’m wearing about 5 layers 😦

Trinity Leeds shopping centre has lots of stores that were already previously in Leeds anyway but now they’re just bigger and better I guess and all in one place which is convenient for the everyday shopper! Footlocker was giving out free vouchers that needed to get scanned and you got the chance to win a free pair of trainers, if you didn’t win your voucher just said you got either £5, £10 or £20 pounds off anything in store with meant there was endless ques of sqwarking people but I managed to grab a ticket and get it scanned, sadly I got £20 off which is good but I don’t have the funds for trainers at the moment being a student- so that sucks!

Anyway we ended up having a nice meal in Nando’s but the wait for a table was excruciating as I hate waiting for food and service! But overall it was a good day & tomorrow my parents are coming to visit for Easter so I’m quite excited! 🙂


The first post to bless this blog: University Experience

So this is my very first post on my new blog, Firstly to start my name is Mary and if you’ve had a quick look at my About me you’ll know I attend University. It’s been exactly around 7 months since I started University and waiting on UCAS to tell me whether or not I got in seems like a far thing of the past.

Time really flies when I’m at University everything seems to go by so fast, these months are dwindling and soon I’ll be in my second year hopefully. I’m currently studying English and History BA joint but I was very fussy in Sixth form constantly changing my degree choice, I couldn’t decide where I wanted my degree to take me or what path to choose. Eventually after a month or so of being at University I decided to write some articles for my University’s online newspaper given some encouragement from my partner, turns out that I find enjoyment out of writing articles and ever since my first one was published I have written more and taken a greater interest in journalism side of things, so now my future seems to be leading me down the path of being a journalist which is exciting!

University is different, many people will tell you before you come that it is a massive step in your life and they’re not wrong- it is. It can be a bit daunting for some people like myself, I found it very hard for the first two months because I’m a very shy reserved and quiet girl, but once you’re settled you will find it not so bad. You’ll meet some people that take University in their prime and spend 95% of their time in the clubs, pubs or other nightlife spots because they’re high on freedom and some other concoctions, but you’ll also meet the people on the other side of the spectrum that take their degree seriously and put in the overtime, you’ll  also meet people who are homesick a lot of the time and question as to why they came to University in the first place and you’ll meet people who just drive you insane but that’s just what happens- All in all University isn’t so bad.

Well that’s my little snippet on what University is like and it was my first post, so I hope you enjoyed! 🙂